Weight Management

Diane has years experience with weight management.  One thing is really evident - one size does not fit all.

Fad Diets Are Unsustainable

Fad diets and quick fixes for weight management simply don’t work. While one might see the loss of a few kilos in the first few weeks of a fad diet, invariably the weight will just pack back on. Why? Because fad diets restrict or remove entire food groups in a way that ensures fast, immediate weight loss, but they also make it impossible for your body to maintain, no matter how much self control you have.  Diets also rely purely on willpower, which fatigues over time.  Diane is far more interested in long term, sustainable plans.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Diane Stride's weight management plans focus on making incremental, long-term sustainable changes to clients' relationships with food. Some people require calorie-restricted diets, for other people it's not quite as simple as calories in versus calories out. For some people, their metabolism is more complex and dietary changes need to encompass the way they're breaking down the foods they are eating.

Emotional Eating

For some people, eating habits can be problematic. Eating too much or too little, or the wrong foods, can cause feelings of guilt, depression and self-loathing, and a general lack of understanding about why their eating is out of control. For more information about emotional eating and how Diane can help, please visit this section


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