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If you suffer from any of the following conditions, Diane can help with a full range of dietary and nutritional solutions. Diane is available for consultations at her Havelock North clinic or if you're outside Hawke’s Bay via phone, email or Skype.

The Hawke's Bay Clinic

The Dietitian Consultancy clinic is located at the Village Health Centre, 33 Napier Road, Havelock North, Hawke's Bay. Phone: 06 211 0618 or email: diane@dietitianconsultant.co.nz

Online Dietary Consulting 

Diane is also available for phone, email or Skype consultations for clients outside Hawke's Bay nationally and internationally. Please contact Diane to arrange an appointment on +64 6 211 0618 or diane@dietitianconsultant.co.nz

Body Composition Analyser

Do you know what your body fat percentage is and is it in the recommended healthy range? Dian Stride's state-of-the-art Body Composition Analyser can determine your metabolic rate, body mass index, weight, and your body fat percentage. And if you're aiming for a particular body fat percentage, the analyser also has an ‘athletes mode’ for those performing more than 10 hours of high intensity exercise per week.


A few things to consider ...

Shoes and socks will need to be removed

Not suitable for pregnant women

Not suitable for those with a pacemaker

No reference range for comparison if under 20 years old

For the most accurate results ...

No alcohol 48 hours before test

Avoid intense exercise 12 hours before test

Avoid caffeine 4 hours before test

Empty bladder 30 minutes before test


Book an appointment with Diane Stride, Dietitian Consultant about your dietary concerns


First Consultation

60 minutes

Detailed history of all symptoms and health issues

Assessment of dietary factors involved

Analysis of diet history in relation to symptoms

Discuss any tests that have been carried out

Recommendations regarding any supplements

Individual diet plan to follow


Follow-up Consultations

15 - 30 minutes

Usually four weeks after initial consultation

Dependent on the complexity of the diet to be followed

Differs for each client

$50 - $70

Diane also offers several options for weight management consultancy and diet plans. Also, occasionally detailed diet plans are required, or analysis of current diets for nutrient and calorie content. The cost for this consultancy will be determined by how much effort is required.

Payments can be made by eftpos, Visa, Mastercard, cheque or cash.* 

*Some medical insurance companies will subsidise or fully cover the cost of appointments with Diane.


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