Some medical insurance companies subsidise or cover the cost of appointments.

First consultation

This is a one hour consultation and involves:

Detailed history of all symptoms, health issues and investigative tests that have been done.
Assessment of dietary factors involved.
Analysis of diet history in relation to symptoms.
Recommendations regarding tests required (if any).
If appropriate, recommendations regarding any supplements required.
Individual diet plan to follow.
Cost: $150.00

Follow-up consultations

A follow-up consultation is usually required four weeks after the initial consultation. Follow-up appointments are dependent on the complexity of the diet to be followed, which is different for each client but they are usually 30 minutes.

Cost: $75.00

Weight management

There are several options for weight management consultations and packages. Details can be found on my Weight Management page.

Payment methods

Payment is on the day using:  Eftpos, Cheque or Cash

For Skype or Phone Consultations, payment is done prior to the appointment via internet banking or Paypal.

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