Diane Stride remains actively involved in medical and health research by maintaining close contact and involvement with research programmes at leading universities in New Zealand.


Diane Stride has a BSc in Dietetics and a Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics from the University of Natal, South Africa. She is also actively involved in medical and health research programmes at leading universities in New Zealand, below are two research projects she is currently part of.

Low Carb Kids at AUT

Being conducted by The AUT, Low Carb Kids is a feasibility study looking at low carbohydrate diets in children and their effects on health. Diane's role involves taking key measurements and helping educate children (8-13 years) and their families. Diane works directly with the study's participants alongside endocrinologist, Dr. Schmiedel.
The university chose to run the study in Hawke's Bay, as Dr. Schmiedel and Diane have extensive experience in the low carbohydrate diet field, with Diane using low carbohydrate diets in her Medical Weight Management Clinic, which is a medical approach to weight management for adults.
With the knowledge that low carbohydrate diets do work, what this study is mainly looking at is are low carbohydrate diets practical, affordable, easy or difficult for children (aged 8-13) and their families to implement into their lives?

PIPI at Otago University

Diane is involved in PIPI (Prediabetes intervention package in primary care). Edgar Diabetes and Research centre, which is part of the University of Otago, has teamed up with Health Hawke’s Bay Primary Health Organisation to undertake this implementation research project to bridge a health service and research gap. Diane's role is in a consultancy capacity, providing support for nurses in intervention GP practices in Hawke's Bay. 

Registration with the NZ Dietitians Board

Diane is registered with the NZ Dietitians Board, which involves participating in continuing education and evidence gathering, in order to obtain an Annual Practicing Certificate.

Other Qualifications

Diane is an Accredited Practitioner with the Australian Centre for Eating Disorders.

Diane is also an ACT (Acceptance Committment Therapy) Practitioner

Diane is currently undergoing a certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy through the Centre for Research on Eating Disorders (Oxford University).

Self-directed Education

Before opening her private practice, Diane took a one-year sabbatical furthering her education in the dietary field. She spent time at the Allergy Clinic in Auckland, Westmead Hospital and the Royal Prince Alfred Allergy Unit in Sydney, along with the Children’s Hospital and Monash University in Melbourne. She also carried out training with dietitians working with Autoimmune Diseases in the US.

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